6 Marketing Tools That Can Help Your Business Benefit From A Facebook Page

Are you utilizing Facebook to the full capacity?

There are several marketing tools you can try out to experiment with at you page on Facebook, apart from just posting updates. Here are seven ways how to do this:

Facebook Page

Collecting Reviews and Testimonials

You have the alternative of collecting reviews and testimonials from clients, by setting up your page on Facebook as a local business entity. It might be impossible to offer clients incentives for reviewing your business. However, you could install a sign at the business indicating that they are free to carry out a business review on the Facebook page.

Collect reviews for Business

Another marketing tool to consider you can choose the most outstanding reviews and add them to your online site, alongside maintaining a fully-reviewed Facebook page. Click on the review-timestamp to add a particular review, before clicking the drop-down arrow located top-right and selecting Embed Post option. (For a majority of cases, Embed Post option hides under More Options link within the drop-down menu).

Add reviews to your site online from your Facebook page. Utilize Embed Postcode for adding the best Facebook reviews you have onto the testimonials page of your website as it boosts the value of your business as my personal experience shows.

Engage Your Audience

Engaging your audience is the most critical way of using your page on Facebook for business endeavors. The audience comprises of various individuals – content fans, business fans as well as potential, current and former customers. Create content and posts to engage these people-groups, while having this aspect in mind.

The traditional audience-engagement rule is 80/20. While 80 percent of the content you generate should target your audience, 20 percent should focus on your business (self-promotion, marketing, and sales for instance). It implies the vast majority of posts should aim at moving the audience to have engagements on your Facebook page. You may achieve this goal by encouraging the audience to participate and share content relevant to your industry or niche.

So create updates that your audience will find engaging. If most posts you make fall under this category, expect to have a loyal and engaged audience that is more receptive to the remaining 20 percent of posts which promote your products, services, and business.

Seek for Feedback from Your Audience

Do you want to have insight data on what your current or potential customers would like? Facebook survey – is the perfect marketing tool for that purpose! Not only does this motivate them to have engagements on your page, but it could also enable you to discover the kind of products or services which they require.

You can get to know your client’s desires through polls. Conduct polls of your audience by making a standard post for free to your page, or employ Facebook polling apps. Your choice relies upon whether you desire to compile the answers yourself or having the app do it on your behalf. It also depends upon whether you desire to collect any additional information (such as email addresses), which you are unable to collect on your page publicly.

Get Blog Comments via Your Page

If your business blog receives a lot of spam, your page on Facebook can serve as a brilliant alternative to having blog comments. Just add a link to facilitate discussion of posts on Facebook where each blog post ends.

The link should point to a particular post found on the wall of your Facebook page. This enables you to turn off blog comments and equally helps to build organic engagement and fan base on the page. As well, individuals who notice a vibrant discussion around a given post on the Facebook page would very likely click through and read your blog post.

Combat Negative Search-Engine Results

The last marketing tool that Facebook gives you – is eliminating negativity about your product or service in search engines. Putting up a page bearing your business name on Facebook, which is a relatively strong domain, helps it rank well within results on search engines.

Utilize your page on Facebook for creating positive entries regarding your business enterprise in searches. The Facebook page might not rank next to your website, but it very likely will show up within the initial ten search outcomes. It implies you have one less negative result present on the first search-results page for the name of your business.

Your business Facebook page can act as the numerous number of marketing tools. Think of creating it today and start using the tips above. And don’t forget to share the experience with me ☺

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