Great Content Strategies For Brand-Centric E-Marketing

Great Content Strategies For BrandCentric EMarketing

There is a salient tactic that stands out among the others in e-marketing cocktail: and it’s content marketing. Just ask the Content Marketing Institute. According to them, almost half of business-to-businesses entrepreneurs want and need to engage with others but don’t know how. Finding what grabs attention is a gift. The same goes for consumer marketers no doubt. What everyone is searching for eagerly is brand-centric content that focuses on unique features that underlie appealing benefits. Some basic principles are in order:

Keep design consistent across content formats

Design is tops on the list of priorities. This has to do with logos and other company symbols. They can be static or evolve over time as needs are clarified or change. In the long run, your business will have identifying characteristics in terms of layout and color palette. Once established, the look of a website should remain consistent across all platforms you are using in your e-marketing strategy.

Find colors that speak well of your product or services. Different colors have emotional associations. You want immediate identification for your brand in social media. Repeat visitors to your site will come to know your look and feel, and when they see it elsewhere, it will engender an “aha” of recognition. They will be more inclined to interact and comment. If you give color and design short shrift, you will have lost a great marketing opportunity.

Brand loyalty is hard to get, but when you do, treasure it. Don’t be tempted to play with what is working now. Your blog should be reminiscent of your website, even if you switch to a SlideShare presentation. It is all about continuity. Don’t go for default type styles or hues if you don’t have to. It is easy to establish a template for PowerPoint that includes your logo and corporate colors.

Standardize your brand voice

What does it mean to standardize a brand voice? For starters, it has to do with your company image as revealed in content. Finding a “voice” and using it in all venues is the key. It doesn’t matter if it pertains to product descriptions, PR material, blogs, ad campaigns, or white papers. Don’t be all over the board. Your writing style is a clear example. What level of formality did you choose, what kind of language? Is it friendly and colloquial or businesslike and staid?

When deciding on your voice, think about the public or business reaction from a marketing point of view. Who is your reader and what does he or she want? Does your content have the right personality and perspective? Stiff writing is usually less appealing than a matter-of-fact relaxed style.

Utilize interactive content

A new trick in the e-marketing bag is interactive content. It is a hot trend for good reason. Most people favor some kind of relationship where they can take action according to statistics. They love questionnaires, polls and surveys, and especially contests. Once visitors start to interact, you have them hooked. Engagement deepens when there is the possibility for participation.

Align every content piece with brand values

Everything that is published should speak well of your company, so scrutinize each piece carefully for value. It has to help, not harm, the brand. It has to align with the corporate mission and purpose. If your About Page highlights ease of product use, don’t talk about complexity on the Product page. Make sure your blog iterates the positives that you have established on the website. Use similar wording to make it all clear. Then add the value of good reputation and fabulous service. Don’t hide the benefits! Repeat them often.

Any good e-marketing strategy will work short and long term. Make sure your think ahead and plan for change. Your content is thus adaptive and flexible. You will be able to create new branding over time. The point is to always have a sharp focus and your content will follow suit. There are no shortcuts in this matter. It can make or break success.

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