Key Principles To Make Influencer Marketing Work

Influencer Marketing

Don’t let influencer marketing get lost in the range of all other marketing tools. It takes some knowhow, however, to make it work. Some companies shine right out of the box, and for others it takes the implementation of certain tactics. Here are a few tips to help boost your influence level enormously.

Focus on engagement rather than size of social following

Some companies are virtual stars when it comes to social media, having this huge, vast realm of followers. But according to the brand content director of LiquidThread, Jeff Wolfe, Its not always about the size of the following, its about the engagement.” In short, it comes down to what people do with content and the types of platforms used.

Make sure the influencer is a fan of the brand

Everyone should be such a social media star! You can if you are authentic and real. You can build a fan base of believers in your company products if you tell it like it is. To become an influencer, you have to have strategies and tactics. You have to link to other, better known, influencers. Any marketer worth his or her salt understands and values the collaborative process. The rule of thumb is to find influencers who like your brand and the story it has to tell.

Meet in the middle creatively

You have to start with a basic goal so you can measure results. Every entrepreneur does it in a different way. When working with others, you may have to meet creatively half way. Going back to Jeff Wolfe, he states that Its making sure the brand, on one side, is being reflected very well in the content and that the influencer, on the other side, is being true to their tone and voice.

No one-night stands with marketing tools

The ideal situation is to find a reliable influencer that will work with you over time. If the relationship is good, you want it to be stable. A one night stand is going to be less than fruitful. Don’t walk away from a good thing: stick with it if it is working. Crafting long-term alliances is the key. You get in a groove together that keeps the ball rolling. The audience will feel the magic, and voila, engagement ensues.

If the principles are clear but you still struggle with “go and get” the influencer process I can recommend a smashing video course from this smiling guy on the pic (not Barack, not Elon and not Bill though). His name is John Corcoran and he’s put up an amazing info summarizing his 20 years of experience working with the top of the top. A little but pricey but worth it if you want build the perfect influencers network around your business with minimal investments.

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