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If you’ve accepted the engagement ring and you are now starting to look for the perfect wedding dress, one of the first things you will want to do is determine your body shape.  Using information from dress experts will make it easier for you to look critically and carefully at wedding dress designs to choose the best from among hundreds of Azazie dresses. Remember that even if you opt for an in-salon session of trying on dresses, most will only allow you to book an hour-long appointment, which may not be enough time if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Most fashion designers use four main categories to describe the female body shapes. Each of these has distinctive features, and there are some “tricks of the trade” that will help you accentuate your best attributes while downplaying or camouflaging areas that may cause you concern. Knowing your body type will help you focus on wedding gowns that will be most flattering for you on this most special of days.

The “Ruler” Body Type. This body shape is also called the straight, the rectangle or the banana shape. A vast majority of women will fit into this category. The 45 percent who do will recognize that their bust, hips, and waist are almost the same circumference, meaning that the middle might not be as clearly delineated. Whether your frame is small or medium, women in this category often have smaller breasts and often enjoy shapely legs.

The main goal of shopping for this body shape is to find those dresses that add curves to your upper half and create the illusion of a well-defined waist. You can start by looking for dresses that have clear or nipped waistlines and a form-fitting bottom half that will help you create the illusion of curves. A cinched, wrapped, corseted, or ruched gown will also create the shape you are looking for by creating a middle. Keep in mind that mermaid gowns flatter petite women, and sheath dresses help to feminize a straight female frame. Off the shoulder and boat neck tops will draw attention upward, as do rhinestones and other embellishments around the bust and shoulders. If you have long, toned arms, maybe a sleeveless gown is better, since it will showcase that feature.

The “Spoon” Shape. This shape is also called the pear shape, the bell shape, or an upwards triangle shape. Women who fit into this category have hip measurements that are larger than their bust. Most women with this shape have a waistline that is more clearly defined, along with elegant necklines and slender arms, so don’t be afraid to show those, along with your waistline, off!

If you are a pear shape, look for dresses that add volume to your upper half. While sleeveless dresses will flatter your slender arms, you may want to also focus on detailed bodices.A-line dresses that cinch at the waist or other gowns that sport a natural waistline will keep the focus on the bodice as well. Ball gowns balance out a pear shape, and short dresses with flowy skirts are also very flattering on this shape.

The “Cone” Shape. Also called the apple shape or the inverted triangle, this category describes a body shape where the woman has broader shoulders and a stronger upper half. Their hips are usually smaller. To flatter this shape, choose dresses that create a balance between your broader upper half and your narrower lower half in an attempt to create more of an hourglass silhouette. Remember that, for busty women, thick straps are a must, and long sleeves can slim heavier arms.

V-top dresses and A-line dresses will enhance your lower body, and, fit and flare dresses also create a balance. Remember that, as a cone shape, you may have a split size, with your bust and waist being so different as to create an issue. Make sure to choose a gown that defines your waist. Asymmetrical, slightly dropped, or ribboned waists can be flattering, and chiffon gowns elongate short legs. You may also want to look at contemporary two-piece wedding dress separates.

The “Hourglass” Figure. This body shape is also called the figure eight shape and is typically presented as the “ideal” shape where the hip and bust measurements are equal size, and a narrow waist separates them.

To accentuate your curvaceous form, choose dresses that flare in all the right places. Mermaid dresses, ball gowns, and dresses with fearless necklines are excellent options for this body type. Accentuate all of the positives of your figure with a dress that accentuates your streamlined silhouette from head to toe. Remember that all over lace is also very flattering, and can create a soft, feminine look.

What dress features have you found to be particularly flattering for your specific body shape? Please feel free to share here.

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