Search Engine Optimization: Dos and Don’ts

The SEO technique has become far more complicated as compared to the past years. Google has been implementing serious changes in its algorithm that can either put you high up in the ranking process or send you down low. This change mostly has come as good news for users, as it enhances the overall experience while removing the spam based and weak content based websites from the top search results. To ensure that you are on the top of your SEO game, let’s take a look at the top factors that decide your success rate for the same.

To do or not to do?

1- Always keeps a check on your performance using analytics:

The first thing you need to keep in mind before getting started with a content is to make sure the keywords you are using have high rankings in the SEO company in Mumbai and the SEO market. Using the keywords analytics process can help you make a informed decision regarding your content. SEO Company in Mumbai uses Hubspot to ensure only the best keywords are used, but you can also use Alexa, Marketo or Moz.

2- Make sure your content and keywords blend well:

Seo services Mumbai ensures that the content you get is amalgamated well with the overall content and doesn’t stand as the odd one out. First make sure if you hire best seo company in Mumbai, the content you get provides title and Meta title that are related to the keywords. Google provides you a chance to impress the reader with 55 characters and anything more than that is cut off in the search results. If the SEO Company in Mumbai provides an engaging first 55 characters, then you are sure to shine in the crowd of Google analytics.

3- Put in images that are SEO optimized:

When you design a website, you put all sorts of media to enhance the readability and beautify it. The best thing you can do is remember to label or tag them so that they become visible to the users typing specific keywords in a search engine. Take for example if your user types in beautiful horse and you have one such picture in your website with the same keywords, it will automatically show up in the images section of Google, letting you user decide whether to visit your page if he/she finds the content interesting.

4- Create content relevant to your website:

SEO services Mumbai helps you create content that beautifully represents the whole gist of the reason behind the creation of your website. If your content is unique as well as relevant to your website, you can easily attract audience to your website and reduce the bounce rate of the same. Bounce rate is the rate at which the visitors coming to your website go away just after seeing the initial page as they do not find a relevant content suited to their needs in the same.

SEO is an important basic of the content marketing sector and keeping these pointers in mind can help you generate strong contents that will help you generate a good traffic.

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