The Reason I Bought Instagram Followers

To be completely honest, I thought Instagram was one of those social media platforms that was mainly for teens or young adults. When I decided to expand my business into the online world, that was when I found out that Instagram is actually one of the best platforms to promote either an individual person or a business. I knew that I needed to research this some more, and that is how I ended up finding the idea to buy Instagram followers to instantly transform my company. I had looked at quite a few marketing ideas pertaining to social media, and the vast majority recommended Instagram over the other social media platforms.

I had no idea that a person or company could buy followers, and at first I did not really understand the concept. I knew that if I was buying followers, the majority of them would not be on my page because they are interested in the various things I am selling. That is when I learned just how much numbers mean as far as followers are concerned. There are the ranking concerns when a person has few followers, but it goes beyond that too.

When I look at two different Instagram accounts that are basically selling the same thing, I naturally gravitate towards the one that has the bigger following. It is just human nature. The more people who support a cause, the more natural it is to see what all the hype is about. The same can be said for someone with many less followers. If there are only a couple hundred versus many thousands, you have to wonder why they don’t have more. It is easier to discount them. That is the reason I started off my marketing campaign by purchasing 10,000 followers, and I have not looked back since doing that.

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